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The Politics Of European Union Health Policies

The Politics Of European Union Health Policies Authors:
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Book Summary:
"Scott Greer has done a remarkable job in explaining how the Europeanization of health policy takes place, how institutional legacies exert an influence in lobbying, how harmonization exacerbates path-dependent welfare structures that in turn impede a 'race to the bottom', and why the idea of a European social model creates positive external effects, even if it is a only an ad hoc policy construction." Journal of European Social Policy 2010 20 (2) "Provides an original and thought-provoking perspective and approach, combining in-depth theoretical discussions and well-researched case studies over 11 chapters...The book is well written and insightful, and the main argument is that EU law and policy developments - directly and indirectly - have the potential of undermining domestic health systems and the political actors within them." Journal of Common Market Studies, 2010 Volume 48. Number 3 "This book provides a...

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