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National Politics Is Everybody's Business

John D. Rigazio. National Politics Is Everybody's Business Authors:John D. Rigazio.
Price:1671 rub.

Book Summary:
National Politics Is Everybody's Business is a compilation of newspaper columns and letters written by John D. Rigazio, a former businessman from Barrington, NH, who ran for President of the United States in 2004. It gives his insight on many problems facing the United States today, and offers solutions as well. In his book, Rigazio questions the terminology used in America today regarding the class system, stating there are no "middle class" Americans. He also deals with the situation in Iran, our trade with China, the yearly deficits of $500 billion which we pay for our national debt, how the WTO (World Trade Organization) is not in the best interest of America, how to reform the welfare system in America, and why we must repeal the 2005 bankruptcy law.

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