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Market Driven Politics: Neoliberal Democracy and the Public Interest

Colin Leys. Market Driven Politics: Neoliberal Democracy and the Public Interest Authors:Colin Leys.
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Book Summary:
Book Description Market Driven Politics is an empirical examination of the extent to which politics and policy are conditioned, or even determined, by global economic forces. With the globalization of the capitalist economy the economic role ofnational governments is now largely confined to controlling inflation and facilitating home-grown market performance. This represents a fundamental shift in the relationship between politics and economics; it has been particularly marked in Britain, but is relevant to many other contexts. Market-Driven Politics is a multi-level study, moving between an analysis of global economic forces through national politics to the changes occurring week by week in two fields of public life that are both fundamentally important and familiar to everyone?television broadcasting and health care. Public services like these play an important role, because they both affect the legitimacy of the government and are targets for global capital....

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